Modern Sofa Set Design Ideas

Happiness is a cozy sofa set collection! The trending sofa set designs appeal to uniqueness, comfort, and luxury. Placed in a living room, drawing room or in a regular room, it adds value to your home.

Are you aware of the ongoing furniture online trends? Well, the Sheesham wood sofa is ‘High in Demand’ category. Not only is it stylish but exquisite as well. You have to agree with us if we say that a living room is left incomplete if it doesn’t have a sofa at its center.

The saga of sofa dates back to the era of Mughals and Maharajas.Flip through the pages of history and you will get to witness how Sheesham wood sofa was known for adding royal opulence to the mahals and darbars. The Maharaja Style sofa sets are still in line with current times. But, there is a lot more to it! If you are browsing a right sofa set, this post will allow you to learn more. Consider these bunch of points before you get ready to shop a sofa-set online.

What are the things to be taken care of before buying a sofa set? Let’s have a look.

Start with Space for Sofa Set

Measure the length, breadth, and height of your room. Not area, but the illusion of space makes a room look bigger. With lower ceilings, Sheesham wood sofa set with low seat height should be preferred. Ever seen an overweight man stuck in the doorway? This should not be the case with your sofa. Take into account the length and breadth of your hallways and doorways. Accordingly, look for the right size.

Look for Sofa Set Layout

Okay, let’s say that you are buying a sofa set online for your drawing room. What else will be there except sofa? If you are fond of keeping end tables and adding flower pots as part of your room décor, you should factor these into the sofa length you choose.

Purchasing Sofa Set for a purpose

So, do you need a Sheesham wood sofa to take a short nap or to entertain the guests? Do you need it to watch TV at home or for business meetings at your company office? The whole story ends with the purpose. A nap sofa could be a smaller one with greater depth whereas a black leather sofa will look incredibly professional.

What are the latest sofa set designs trending in the market?

L- Shaped Sofa Set

Beware, only larger spaces can afford to accommodate it! It can be the true heartthrob of your lavish living room. The L-shaped with Sheesham wood sofa platform is an ideal design. You can call it family pack. With the abundance of space, all the family members can have their share of the seat.

If you are design conscious, you must be knowing that cushions make it look furthermore graceful. Browse for cushions for your sofa set online. The rectangular slim cushions are the perfect match for the L-shaped sofa set design.

U- Shaped Sofa Set

Folks across the globe especially Indians just love the mixture of brown and beige. It can make U-shape sofa look classier. You can add to your comfort by attaching Sheesham wood sofa platform or lounger with it. Round headrests at either side of the sofa will make you fell head over heels for it.
Use a mixture of leather and polyester fabric and witness the beauty itself. If it’s about colors, choose the tried and tested combinations such as red and white or dark orange and brown.

C- shaped Sofa Set

Be wise and don’t think twice! Without any thought, go for complete white C-shaped sofa if you like the things in ‘semi-circle’ shape. There is an endless range of C-shaped sofa set online. The sofa has inherited corporate look, thus, a good option to keep in your company office.
If looking for a sofa to be placed at your home, the multi-step ‘C’ shaped sofa can work. We will recommend you to use this sofa for the casual lounge area.

One/Two Seater Set

Apart from the living room or drawing room, single or double seat sofas are used in regular rooms. These Sheesham wood sofas are just elegant. You can call it individual pack. It takes less space and incurs fewer expenses.

They are brought with the intention to fill vacant spaces in the rooms. Being the part of room furniture, it should complement the color palette used in the room. In other words, it should match your bed, side tables, and dressing table.

The Party Product

Love the party-culture? Do you own a club or party house? This glitzy and glossy sofa can create a spark at your place. If you look for such sofa set online, it comes in metallic silver, gold, and bronze. With a clean-cut modern look, it brings the Hollywood glamour in your living room.
The oversized pillows of the same color are meant to enhance its beauty. Made of Italian leather, it will make you feel like a star.

Just like the way bedroom is nothing without a bed, the study room is incomplete without study table and chair, sofa set is the heart of living room and drawing room. There is a sofa for everyone and for each intended use. The Sheesham wood sofa and the leather sofa are pure delights. A comfortable, stylish and luxury sofa set is all that you need. Hurry up! An array of options are waiting for you online.

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