10 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Space Feel Bigger

Are you in need of a bigger kitchen? Do not look for a service provider just yet. Kitchen design tends to be one of the irritating to-do projects that never seems to end. This because as time goes by, companies such as Kitchen Magic Ltd release new trends that change over time. Surprisingly, you can increase your kitchen size without adding a single square foot. Here are 10 small kitchen ideas that will make your space feel bigger.

Allow in As Much Light As Possible

In this case, natural light always serves as the best option. This can be accomplished by using windows, roof lights, artificial lights such as daylight bulbs, lamps, and replacing kitchen doors material with a glass framed door. If your kitchen is located in an area with limited natural light, you can reflect the light around the room by using glass cabinet doors, mirrors or even glassed framed pictures.

Use Roller Shades

Roller shades are ideal instead of regular curtains. They tend to free up space and make the kitchen feel lighter and spacious.

Hover the Kitchen Shelves

If you are looking forward to renovating your small kitchen, then avoid use of standard cabinets. As an alternative, pick floating shelves which have minimal brackets so as to make the space above the counter-tops look less massive. Ensure you organise your belongings methodically to avoid looking like a hot mess.

Do Away with the Kitchen Door

This will free up space and make the kitchen area feel big. You can use a good ventilation system to avoid spreading kitchen smells all over your house. If this seems impossible, replacing kitchen doors with a glass framed door can be another solution.

Use the Same Colour on the Cabinets and Walls

Painting the kitchen cabinetry and walls with the same colour does away with any visual boundaries that might hinder the eye. Conventionally, a pale colour tends to reflect light and make the kitchen space feel bigger.

Examine Your Kitchen

Avoid crowding your kitchen shelves, counters and cabinets. This makes your space look like it is bursting at the joins. Emphasis on a few necessary items and hide the rest away.

Use Built-In Appliances

This can be made possible by having appliances such as a dishwasher, fridge and microwave oven hidden behind the cabinet doors.

Go For a Single Sink

You should take advantage of single butler sinks since they are fashionable. Double sinks tend to dominate your worktop hence making your kitchen look smaller. Single butler sinks have depths which you can fit your pans and jars in them.

Shade Your Walls White

If you are not a big fan of white, you can use a really light neutral colour instead. The room feels more spacious and airier when it is lighter and brighter.

Use Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are highly fashionable at the moment. You can use geometric patterned rugs, table cloths, and mats, which ideally make your small kitchen feel spacious. However, do not use too many patterns since this can make your kitchen feel congested and too busy. These patterns create an impression of a longer and taller kitchen.