4 Entryway Organization Ideas to Help You Welcome Guests in Style

There are many perks of staying in urban cities. That does not mean you will not face any problems. One of the biggest issues people in urban cities face is the size of their homes. Most homes are quite small and compact. As soon as you enter the home, you are greeted by a small and narrow hall area. Even if you find a large home, it might be so expensive that it will burn a hole in your pocket. This does not mean you cannot make your home interiors appealing. There are many small home interior designs you can consider. Just make sure that you pay attention to your entire home and not just a few important rooms. Since the hallway interior design is quite small, people tend to ignore the space altogether. It is a bad idea because the hall is the first place your guests see when they enter your home. A poorly-designed small hall will create a bad first impression. You must design the space properly to make it functional and appear spacious. If you are not sure about how to decorate your small hallway interior design, here are a few easy tips that will help you:

01 of 04 Hang a mirror on the wall

When you are not sure about how to make a small area appear bigger, just hang a mirror on the wall. This is one of the favourite tricks used by experts for small spaces. You will be amazed to see the wonders a mirror can do to confined areas. Even if there are no windows or source of light nearby, a mirror can help to brighten up the space by reflecting light. Moreover, the reflection formed in a mirror can make the space appear twice its regular size. You do not need an expensive ornate mirror for this purpose. Any neat and minimalist mirror can do the task as well. Try to make it the focal point of the space and design the rest of the elements around it for maximum impact. You can find them in lots of different shapes and sizes. Choose a piece that does not appear too small or big for the space and compliments the theme.

02 of 04 Add more functionality with a table

You must not leave the entryway hall completely empty. It may seem like an empty space will appear larger but in reality, it appears quite dull and boring. This is why adding a table is a brilliant idea. Not only will you be able to add more visual interest to the space but also enhance the functionality of the space. Depending on your preferences, you can either place a round table at the middle of your hall or a console table against any wall. Both options will allow you to increase storage space and add more decorative items to the setup. However, it is better to avoid a round table if the entryway is very narrow. A console table will allow you to move more freely in a narrow space. Just make sure your furniture design and finish match your home decor.

03 of 04 Consider adding a few big items

Many homeowners believe that you should decorate a small space using small items to make it appear bigger. Although it may seem like it, it is actually quite the opposite. According to experts, you should consider going big when choosing items for your small entryway. It can be anything like a large mirror, large decorative pieces, or a large furniture piece. Your eyes will be tricked into thinking that the space is quite big. However, make sure that the items you choose do not appear very heavy even if they are big. Look for simple and minimalist things instead of items that feature lots of intricate details.

04 of 04 Pay attention to lighting

You cannot ignore the importance of lighting when designing your home decor. A poorly-lit small area will appear even smaller. Hence, make sure that every corner is properly lit. There are various types of lighting fixtures available in the market. While some are meant for your hallway walls, others are for your hallway ceiling design. You have the complete freedom of being as creative as you want while lighting up the space. If you are not so sure about choosing the lighting fixtures, flush mount ceiling lights for a contemporary and minimalist look. However, if you want more glamorous options, you can hang chandeliers from your hallway ceiling design. Pendant lights are a great alternative for chandeliers if you want slimmer options. Installing a dimmer is a great idea if you want to control the intensity of the light depending on the time of the day.