Add Solar to Your Home Now and Save Lots of Money!

If you want to make a difference environmentally and financially, you need to plan for the future. If you live in South Australia, you can make this happen. By participating in a solar programme that the government has established, you can add solar fixtures on your home and save money on electricity.

In fact, you can recoup the costs of this type of upgrade in a short amount of time. You only need to contact a recognised, reputable company in the solar panel and energy field. Visit the website of the business to see how you can claim a subsidy for a solar panel battery scheme. If you don’t want to keep paying high electricity bills, you need to act now and not later. You may not be able to enjoy this rebate if you procrastinate.

How to Submit Your Details Online

To proceed with the offer, you need to provide your postcode and indicate if you need the solar equipment for a commercial property or residence. If you are a homeowner requesting a subsidy, you need to check a “yes” box. Next, you need to provide your electricity connection. You will either have a single-phase or three-phase connection. After you answer, you need to provide your approximate kilowatt usage. You also need to tick “yes” if you have a current battery installed.

Do You Have a Concession Account?

If you already have a battery, you need to indicate whether or not you have a current solar system. If you do have a solar system, you need to insert its size. You will need to indicate if you would like partial or full financing for a new battery or simply indicate that you do not need the financial assistance. If you do require financing, you need to let the company know if you have a concession account. If you do, you enter the card type. If not, the company will send you more details.

Obtaining a Quote and Reviewing the Products

Based on your answers, you can obtain a quote on the company’s recommended product. You can also review the other solar and battery products featured for home or commercial use. For example, if you do not need a new system, you can obtain a battery with a six kWh capacity. Your subsidy for a two-person household would be $3000. That amount is the minimum rebate offered. Subsidies also enable you to experience $4000, $5000, or $6000 in savings.

Determining What You Will Pay

If you choose full financing, you will pay a monthly payment that subtracts the subsidy. Both the installation and equipment are included in the financed amount. Therefore, all the prices include a subsidy discount and GST. Financing, when elected, is based on a term of 84 months. Therefore, you would make payments for seven years, which is a small price to pay to enjoy ongoing electrical savings. Go online and find out more about saving electricity and installing new solar battery and panels. Enrol in a programme now so you can reap the rewards of a new solar installation.