Bohemian Home Styling Tips

The bohemian style is very popular among Australian homeowners, with the rugged and rustic styles that best encompass the great outdoor lifestyle that Australia is so well known for. The term ‘Bohemian’ is typically associated with artistic people who follow no set trends, and the style definitely has gypsy influences, and if you would like to make your home a Bohemian retreat, here are a few great ideas to transform your living space with this wonderful earthy style of décor.

Wall Hangings

There are some terrific Bohemian style wall hangings available from Coastal Luxe homeware, a leading Bohemian style decorative supplier who really knows all about stylish creativity using this wild trend. Aloha Seagrass is the ideal material for such a creation, and all pieces are handmade using natural materials. The Angel wall hanging is another great addition to add some real Bohemian ambience, with a tribal necklace made from raffia, which looks great in a hallway or a quiet corner of the living room. With the right illumination, this stunning item really does transform your walls into a living and breathing feature.

Woven Baskets & Planters

The perfect addition to any Boho setting, these hand-made items are made from rattan or sea grass, with shades of beige, light brown, creams and whites. Tastefully placed around the home, they make great containers for a selection of dried flowers, pot plants, plus the baskets can be used for a variety of things.


With the room painted in pastel colours, a few Bohemian style cushions really do add that essential texture and depth, with a selection of fine silks and rough cotton that come in a wide range of attractive colours and patterns. Tassel cushions really do look great in a Bohemian setting, and if you would like to view a wide selection of affordable Bohemian home décor accessories, search online for a leading supplier, and you can order selected items from the comfort of your own home.

Rugs and Mats

Great floor coverings, Bohemian style rugs and mats add that special rustic touch, with neutral colours that blend in well with any Bohemian setting. Whether you have stone floors or solid timber, a selection of chunky hand-woven rugs make for the ideal accessory, and by searching online for a leading homeware supplier that focus on the Bohemian style, you can view a great selection of hand-made items. Hand-made is essential with this unique look, and whether fine weaving or rugged matting, the rustic look is enhanced by a few raffia and seagrass mats.

Online Inspiration

It can be a challenge to come up with ideas, which is why you should spend some time searching online, where you can easily locate an established homeware supplier who only deals with Bohemian items. All kinds of table wares and wall art are available, with some truly unique lighting that also blends well with Bohemian accessories.

The Bohemian style offers a casual, yet rustic look that will never go out of fashion, and is ideal if you happen to live in a coastal area.