Debunking Bidet Toilet Myths

Reference books and pieces of research show that a bidet was first invented by a French furniture maker sometime in the 17th century.  Its purpose is to help clean oneself hands-free after using the toilet. Through the years, it evolved and improved using the latest technology and innovation. Today, many bidet toilets are referred to as smart bathroom essentials. Aside from comfort, they bring back one’s confidence and improve one’s hygiene. However, there are still some individuals and even countries not using bidets because of wrong assumptions and misinformation.   

Bidet Myth 1: Complicated

Perhaps, many are just too overwhelmed with how sophisticated a bidet works. They are also afraid to install it as it has something to do with the plumbing system. For them, they either need a contractor or a plumber. Worst, it would require them to pay thousands of dollars to have one smart toilet installed.  

In this period of technology and modernization, almost everything may seem complicated but once tried, is proven user-friendly and stress-free. Most modern bidets only require a few attaching efforts to the existing toilet water supply to work. Besides, each unit comes with a manual that even teenagers can easily understand.   

Bidet Myth 2: Expensive

As some bidet units are expensive, there are those, however, that give the best value for one’s money. These simple bidet units at a reasonable price, have an equally simple attachment that easily hooks up to the toilet and starts to function  The more sophisticated units, on the other hand, have complete and extra features all aimed to make the user’s life comfortable and relaxed.

It is best to check bidet stores and see for themselves the amount of a unit to debunk such misconceptions. They may be surprised that not all bidets are expensive. They even come with up to one year warranty.

Bidet Myth 3:  Only A Fad

Most likely, those who haven’t tried the bidet yet are the ones who claim that this smart toilet seat is just a useless toy for the rich and famous. It is, however, more than a sophisticated toilet set.

A bidet improves one’s hygiene. For one, water from the bidet cleans better than any toilet paper. Because it is a hands-free cleaning, infection and cross-contamination are avoided. Often, as individuals leave the bathroom, they hold the door knob, light switch, and even shake someone’s hands. Harmful microorganisms and bacteria are unintentionally transferred to another especially if the person who just used the toilet didn’t wash his hands thoroughly.

Bidet Myth 4:  Unsanitary

Many assume that the water used to spray on one’s bottom is unclean. The water used on bidet units comes from the homeowners’ existing plumbing. This is the same water that they use as they shower, cook their meals, and even drink straight from the faucet. A bidet uses potable water same as the kitchen sink unless the house’s plumbing is hooked up to a grey water system.  

Bidet Myth 5: Waste of Water

Some individuals assume that the use of a bidet is a waste of water. However, statistics show that for a company to produce a single roll of toilet paper, they need about an average of 25 gallons of water. Using a bidet, on the contrary, requires only about one-eighth of a gallon of water to complete a full one-minute wash.

To add, most bidet units have an adjustable nozzle to focus on the specific area and with pressure intense enough to give one a thorough yet gentle cleaning.

Debunking Bidet Myths

A bidet is one wonderful introduction to one’s home.  It can make life more manageable, relaxed, and even sophisticated. Owning one isn’t a waste of money, but more of an investment for a healthier, cleaner, and happier individual. Read more about bidet by clicking here.