Evaporative Cooling Service Melbourne

Evaporative Cooling 101: Increasing Efficiency

It’s easy to see why evaporative coolers have become so popular. They’re a great cost-efficient way of keeping cool when you’re indoors that is low maintenance and effective. There are several ways in which their efficiency can be increased even further, furthering solidifying their position as the de facto cooling system of choice for many.

If you already own an evaporative cooler or you’re looking to buy one, keep reading and we’ll tell you how to get the most out of it.

Reduce Humidity

Evaporative cooling is effective because it makes use of the lack of humidity present in the air. This air is passed through a wet cooling pad which reduces the temperature of the air that is expelled. If the air present within an environment if excessively humid, this process is compromised and is far less effective.

Now, there isn’t really much you can do to lower the humidity of an internal space other than make use of a dehumidifier – the issue then becomes running two devices at once which is somewhat counterproductive. Instead, we would suggest looking at alternative forms of cooling if you don’t live in an environment that has a relative humidity level of around 50%.

Increase Ventilation

Unlike with an air conditioning system that requires all windows and doors to be shut to work effectively, evaporative cooling relies on a constant supply of fresh air for optimal efficiency. This can actually work in your favour if the air outside is drier than the air in your home; you essentially end up with the perfect conditions for evaporative cooling.

Make Use of Ice

Not all evaporative cooler owners are aware of this simple trick. Adding ice cubes to the cooler’s water tank can actually significantly increase its cooling capacity. In reality, this is a process that needs fine tuning as too much ice or water that is too cold can actually hamper the cooling process. The trick is in finding a happy medium that works with your environment.

  • Conduct a quick experiment with the use of a thermometer to ascertain the optimal amount of ice cubes required to deliver the desired temperature or rate of cooling.
  • A thermometer held at a constant distance from the cooler will help you to record your findings.

Maintenance is Key

We wish more owners would place a greater level of importance on what is paramount to the efficiency of any evaporative cooler; regular maintenance. Cooling pad upkeep and regular water changes as well as tank cleaning and water treatment are all key to getting the most out of your cooler. If this sounds like someone you would rather outsource, evaporative cooling service in Melbourne is common and can be carried out by any plumber or HVAC engineer. Simply locate your nearest plumber to obtain a quote and further advice.

Evaporative cooling is a viable alternative to AC systems so we would suggest weighing up the pros and cons of both before coming to a formal decision. There is a plenty of information out there on the web which will help you to run calculations which will show you which technology could benefit you the most.