What is a House and Land Package?

A House and Land Package includes both land and home design packaged up in one process. However, there are two contracts in place, one directly with the builder and one with the developer. It sure is cost-effective and ideal for new homeowners working on a tight budget.  A ‘House and Land Package’ typically is all-inclusive with everything from the land to the house to the window blinds. This then helps to have a clear understanding of how much your new home will cost.

What is included in a House and Land Package?

In Sydney, new House and Land Packages are when land and a home design are packaged up in one contract. Here, one contract is direct with the builder while the other is with the developer. This kind of setting works when property developers purchase large blocks of land and then offer parts of this land for sale after building houses on them.

There usually exists two types of new house and land packages. These are Turnkey and Standard house and land packages. Turnkey packages offer a property that is entirely ready to be moved into. In the other case, one has to first buy the land and then build on the land. While the former allows flexibility, the latter provides customisation. By purchasing your home and land together, you can easily streamline the build process. At the same time, you reduce the risks and stresses that can come with buying land.

What are top 3 benefits of owning new house and land packages?

  1. Move-in ready: When you purchase a house and land package, you have the option of securing a complete turnkey home. With no renovations, DIY projects or repair work required, House and land packages are designed to offer a tailor-made product. Everything will be in place once the build is finished for you to move in, right from landscaping to appliances. One can see options, choose what is right, and start building immediately without dealing with multiple agents, designers and builders.
  1. Allows personalisation: The opportunity for personalisation is one of the most appealing reasons to go down the route of building. you can change the internal design of the house and choose flooring, tiles, fixtures, fittings, and colours. You can say bye to a place that does not reflect your true style and aesthetic sense. This flexibility makes it easier to find the right NSW home builder and tailor your house and land packages in Sydney to match your house goals.
  1. Promotes Savings: You are eligible to save money from first homeowner grants to stamp duty concessions. The significant saving for house & land packages is purchased stamp duty savings. On a typical home & land pack of around $450k, you save about $8,000 in stamp duty. This is because when you contract to buy, you only pay stamp duty on the value of the land component, not the house component, as the home hasn’t been built yet.

Such packages take the stress out of the home building, making new house and land packages in Sydney an ideal option. Are you ready to ‘turn the key’ to build one for your loved ones?