How to find a realtor in San Antonio, TX

Getting started with a home sale or a purchase process in San Antonio, TX is one of the most important times. The person you choose as your agent is going to have a big impact on the process, from knowing how to manage your expectations to being in communication (or not!). It’s worth digging deeper and finding at least two or more real estate agents to interview, since you want this to be a strong choice and not just the first person you find.

Visit Trusted Data-Driven Sites

Using a realtor search engine may help you get names, but a great way to narrow it down is to use a site that works from data. The information is available on how many homes a given real estate agent has sold, how much they were able to negotiate, and what kind of homes they were. Using this data, you can choose the top real estate agents in your area who clearly have the experience and are in your niche. Since most agents charge a standard commission, you might as well start with the cream of the crop!

Interview Two or More Real Estate Agents

Even if the top agent in your area seems very promising, interview at least 1 or 2 others just to see what you think. You’re likely to be on the phone quite a bit with this person, and if their personality is not quite a fit for yours when you first meet, it will be only more difficult when you’re making fast decisions about offers and contracts. Getting to see a few of the successful agents may also help you hear perspectives on your home and decide what matters to you: some agents, for instance, will look at a home and see the need to market it as a bargain place to live, not emphasizing all its strengths, while others view its potential and are prepared to talk it up to buyers.

Choose Someone Who Aligns With Your Needs

Ultimately, you know what you need from a sale or a purchase: maybe you need the process to be quick, or you need to do minimal staging, or any other stipulation. The right agent is going to hear your needs and immediately be able to work to achieve them, and not every agent is going to have that perspective. If they think that you’re making a mistake, be it by leaving money on the table or taking an approach they disagree with, they will be harder to work with and may influence you away from your actual needs.

By picking a real estate agent carefully, you avoid the frustration of switching agents in the middle of a search for a home and the challenges of getting along with each other in the stressful moments of the home buying or home selling process. You may even find an agent who is so wonderful that you recommend them to others in the future, boosting both your agent’s profile and your friends’ ease of finding a great agent.