How To Install a Wood Door And Frame

At the time of installment or replacement windows and doors installation in scarborough, it is unavoidable to be aware with exactitude of the details and each step when fixing it or reinstall the window or door. Therefore, it is necessary to work with sufficient knowledge on how to fix and install the door, discern which hinges are suitable.

Installation Steps

Before fixing the door, the wall where it will be placed, must be level and painted, although later, some tweaking must be done.


When installing the door frame, it must first be checked whether it is appropriately framed, that is surrounded in the opening where the door will be fixed. This is tested, taking the measurements diagonally (its two diagonals) of the opening or void where the door will go.

In case of unevenness, it will be paired by adding more stucco or frieze, or by sanding or brushing the surface of the door or wood that does not fit correctly. The door frame joints must be cut at an exact angle of 45º (degrees). You will make these cuts with a circular saw. Do not forget to take proper precautions when using the saw, and use lenses that protect the eyes from wood chips.

Assemble the door frame joining the four pieces with glue or bank glue, then holding with a sergeant or press for about two hours, then place the screws, for which you must use your drill and a drill that is of the measure of the screws that you are going to use in said union.

The perforations that will be made, using a drill and a wick or drill bit for wood, should go at a distance of thirty centimeters but, once said drilling is done, immediately change the wick for one to drill in concrete.

Dimensions To Place Hinges

A door must have three hinges. Start to place the first hinge from twenty centimeters (20 cm) from the top edge towards the center; the same distance must be carried by the strap that will go to the other end below the floor, and the last one, in the middle of the two previous ones, at a distance equally equal to those at the ends.

Hinge Distance Measurements

Use the milling machine to make the draft or recess of the three millimeters (3 mm) where the hinges will be installed. Why three millimeters and no more? Well, because that is the measure that has a hinge in its thickness and what is sought is that it is flush with the wood, not that it protrudes, but also that it is not buried in the wood. Otherwise, the work or assembly of the hinge will not have been successful.

Security Elements for Installing Wooden Doors

Safety is something very fundamental in any trade or work that we are doing, and it is up to ourselves to be aware and to take care of our integral health, so it is advisable to work with glasses or protective eyeglasses, cover ears when work with the circular saw, Mask when we are sanding and during the application of lacquers or varnishes both in the doors and in the frames, gloves when applying chemical substances in the woods.