How to prevent weed growth

Weed growth is common but can contest for essential nutrients with the desired plants, ultimately harming them. This is so as weed seeds are at times sown on the desired plants, thereby affecting your landscape.

Before lamenting on finding ways to kill the weed, there are several essential methods to prevent weed growth.

Clean your equipment and pots

Washing your personal equipment like cutters, mowers, shoes and more will prevent weed seeds from moving from one lawn to another.

Clean your pots regularly to prevent the proliferation of weed seeds. 

Take out grass clippings from the infested area

You may be trimming off your grass regularly, and the remaining grass clippings can act as natural fertilisers for your soil as it decomposes over time.

However, you should take the precaution of removing grass clippings from weed-infested areas. This prevents weed seeds from growing at another lawn.

Cover your soil

Grass clippings, leaves, covering or any materials can be applied on the top layer of the soil to insulate the soil from weeds. This robs the weed of any sunlight and prevents it from growing further.

It also prevents the wind, birds or other animals from dropping weed seeds. At the same time, it keeps the soil cool and retains moisture while beautifying the landscape.

Grow your plants

Lastly, continue to feed your plants with fertilisers and water. This ensures that your plant outgrows the weed.

Need help to weed out undesired plants?

The extent of weed management is dependent on the desired aims of the users with regards to the landscape’s function and quality. For instance, a commercial place with weed growing intensely in the lawn is unacceptable.

In conclusion, it can be helpful to engage an established landscape contractor to do ensure that your landscape is well maintained.