Measures to Take to Prevent Slab Leaks

The slab foundation of any home contains a network of pipes. These pipes can often develop leaks, which are hard to detect and repair because of their location. However, if such leakage is not repaired quickly, it may lead to serious property damage. To prevent such a scenario, it’s always a wise idea to minimize the likelihood of a slab leak. This post talks about the precautions that one should take to prevent slab leakages.

To much water pressure should be avoided

Excessive water pressure weakens pipes and creates room for ruptures. Hence, if one notices that the water pressure is relatively high, he/she should get in touch with a reliable plumber and get a thorough system inspection done. If required, a professional plumber will be able to adjust the water pressure and prevent potential leaks.

Avoiding the use of chemical drain cleaners

The use of chemical drain cleaners is quite common when it comes to removing clogs in sinks or any other area of the plumbing system. These chemicals are harsh and abrasive. Due to this reason, they can leave the pipes damaged. Therefore, one should always consider calling a plumber to clean clogs. Additionally, periodic pipe cleaning will also help.

Calling a professional can help homeowners to get the pipes cleaned with a hydro-jetting machine, which is amazingly efficient in clearing up clogs.

What to do in case of suspected slab leakages

The mentioned steps can definitely help one in preventing a leak in the slab foundation. However, if the leaks have already started to develop, here’s what one needs to do.

If a homeowner finds any of the signs given below, he/she needs to understand that there might be a slab leak.

  • Unexpected rise in the water bills

Every house has a typical water usage pattern, and due to this reason, the water bills are also quite predictable. A sudden rise in the bill amount may indicate a slab leakage as it doesn’t only cause unnecessary water waste but also affects the bills.

  • Damp on the floor

The water accumulation under the home eventually reaches the flooring and produces visible signs of damage like damps on the floor or the carpets.

  • A sudden fall in the water pressure

When water pressure drops suddenly, a homeowner may count it as an obvious indication of slab leakages. When water escapes the pipes under the concrete foundation of any home, the supply and pressure of the water on turning on the water fixtures and foists will reduce.

  • Mold and mildew accumulation

The water from slab leakages usually makes its way to the flooring of the home, and mold and mildew come up as an inevitable consequence.

Upon noticing the said indications, one should consider calling a professional plumbing agency to detect the slab leak. Such an agency is always equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to detect slab leakages efficiently.


Slab leakages can damage a property badly. Hence, they need to be taken care of at the earliest. However, while calling a plumber to detect slab leakages, one should always check if the plumber or the plumbing agency holds the necessary certifications, experience, and expertise to solve the issue.

Additionally, the pricing should also be transparent. This will help one to make the most out of a professional plumbing session at home.