Rattan Garden Furniture in a range of styles

All of our rattan garden furniture has been designed by our highly skilled team, and always with your comfort  in mind.A lot of our outdoor rattan sofa sets are modular. This means that they can be changed and rearranged to suit your outdoor space.We also offer space saving solutions for those with smaller gardens to help you make the most of your garden or patio.

Rattan garden furniture is an incredibly popular option for many people because it is lightweight and easy to move as well as being durable throughout the entire year and all weather conditions. No matter how long you spend in the garden or what storage space you have, this is the perfect option for comfort and longevity, proving these pieces to be great value.There are a number of names for this material and type of furniture with weave garden furniture and resin weave garden furniture and all-weather garden furniture all being used by consumers and companies alike.The popularity of all-weather garden furniture has seen a number of big brand names produce their own pieces so you will always be able to find great quality furniture at the most competitive prices, allowing you to relax in comfort after making big savings – especially by shopping at Hayes Garden World. These brands include 4 Seasons, Norfolk Leisure, Bramblecrest, Glencrest and many more.

Rattan is popular choice for outdoor seating and furniture as it is a hardwearing material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  Rattan garden furniture is a practical choice for busy commercial venues as it is easily wiped clean and does not require maintenance.

Our rattan garden furniture is offered in a variety of mix and match options, which can be tailored to fit your individual commercial needs.  This includes tables, chairs, sofas, loungers, dining sets and coffee tables.

We also supply extra thick soft cushions which are manufactured from high quality, extra strong polyester fabric that is shower resistant.Rattan furniture is highly durable and can be used in all weathers. All our furniture is constructed from a long-lasting quality aluminium frame.  Many of the rattan chairs are stackable, so great for easy storage in commercial environments.Our products really are suitable for a wide range uses and settings. As the commercial grade rattan furniture we supply is mould resistant and rust free it is especially suitable for spas and leisure venues where warm and moist conditions are not suitable for some times of outdoor furniture.

Invest in Some Garden Furniture

At Abreo we are dedicated to making your space functional and beautiful. We specialise in stunning rattan furniture to create a beautiful, natural look which is eternally chic. Rattan is crafted from a light, durable woven material which has long made it a classic and popular choice for outdoor tables and chairs, as it is flexible enough to be made into almost any shape and design.

Rattan garden furniture will be a wonderful summer edition to the garden. Upon delivery of the package you may have the question on how to assemble the furniture. Though it comes with instruction for assembling in can be a puzzle. If you follow some tips with along with the instruction, it can help to make the process a lot easier for you. Below we have shared some useful tips which will help you to assemble the furniture like a pro.
Here are some basic instructions that you need to follow while assembling any rattan garden furniture set :

• Separate and identify all parts. Make sure you have all the parts listed in the instruction.
• Assemble step by step and follow the instructions
• Assemble on a soft mat to avoid any scratches
• Do not tighten the screws completely until assembly is completed.

Tips to Assemble Rattan Garden Furniture:

Check the Package

It may sound strange but an outside damage to the package may lead to damage to your rattan furniture. Always check for dents as well as water damage in the package.

Make sure everything you need is all there

For any garden set which assembly is involved it is important to make sure everything you need for assembly is there. Open the box and take out all the pieces. This will help you to know if any piece is missing. Though most companies make sure this type of mistakes doesn’t occur but mistakes do happen. Also, make sure you have a lot of space so that you can see all the pieces together at the same time. It is better to assemble the set on a flat surface rather than grass so that you don’t lose any tiny pieces in the lawn.

We understand what makes a good set of indoor furniture, and that’s why we recommend rattan for full indoor use (and outdoor), whether that’s in your sunroom or conservatory.This contemporary indoor furniture creates a wonderful modern feel, with the cushions allowing for a warm and cozy atmosphere that makes it a dream for entertaining.The furniture itself comes in a range of modular and traditional sets, including conservatory recliners, rocking armchairs, l-shaped corner sofas, table and chair sets, and small or large lounge sets.