Signs That You Need To Replace Or Repair Your Garden Shed

Everything in life will need to be repaired, or even replaced at some stage. Some, for example, children’s clothes, may need to be replaced every season depending on how quickly they grow. A vehicle may only require small items to be replaced during regular maintenance service intervals. Other, larger assets, such as your home might require an update, but the gaps between such revamps will be years, rather than months.

Dedicated property owners often keep a maintenance schedule for larger projects, such as paint jobs, or roof upkeep. It, however, does not mean that the smaller tasks fall by the wayside. Landowners know that their property is an investment and will keep an eye out for signs of deterioration in their space. This includes outbuildings such as garden sheds.

Garden sheds, log cabins, and summer houses are becoming trendy additions to UK gardens because they can be used for almost any purpose and because they increase the value of the property too. If you own one of these structures, do you know what the signs are that will signal you that your garden shed needs to be repaired, or even replaced?

Rotting Timber

Generally, timber that is used in construction is treated, but over time with constant exposure to the elements, especially rain, it will likely begin to rot. Unattended, such deterioration can lead to the growth of mould which may be hazardous to your health. Eye irritation and skin rashes are common ailments associated with exposure to wood rot.

Warped Floors

If your shed is not installed off the ground, but directly on soil or grass, there is a high probability that the floor will absorb moisture causing it to warp. Distension of the baseboards will cause weak spots in the structure. Our advice is to check your outbuilding regularly, always starting at the bottom and working your way upwards towards the roof.

Faulty Felt

Inspect the felt of your shed’s roof often. This fabric is an important installation within your shed because it keeps it dry thanks to its water repellent properties. If you choose to install shingles on your cabin, you will have an added level of protection against the rain, and the felt protects them too. If the material is frayed or torn, replace it quickly. If you fail to do so, you may find yourself spending a large amount of money to replace your shed in its entirety.

Insect Damage

When assessing your garden shed for wear and tear, make sure you check for even the smallest holes or fine sawdust in the panels and floor as these signs signal insect damage. Common wood-boring insects in the UK include woodworm and furniture borer beetles. There are other species of creepy-crawlies that feed on wood such as the Longhorn-, Death Watch-, and Powder Post Beetles. An unchecked infestation can have catastrophic results for your cabin. If you see the damage, begin eradication procedures immediately; the quickest way is to treat your structure with a certified substance that kills the critters in all phases of their life cycle.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for, your shed is likely to have sustained longevity.