Six Main Benefits of Timber Flooring

Whether you are renovating your home or building a new home, choosing the right flooring system is an important decision to make. This involves considering many things such as your desired look, how the flooring feel, the ease of installation, maintenance, and others. Although laminate, marble, and granite are famous options, solid hardwood timber flooring has a sophisticated look and features durability. Below are the main benefits of timber flooring:

There is a Range of Timber Flooring Solutions Available

With the many options available in terms of timber flooring, it can be easy to achieve the flooring look you desire. From hardwood to solid timber, to parquetry and bamboo, you have different timber products and finishes to choose from to realise your dream flooring.

Moreover, solid timber is available in a variety of finishes, colours, and styles. You can choose to get pre-finished and unfinished kinds of timber floors.

Wood is Quite Soft Under Foot

When compared to flooring solutions such as concrete and tiles, wood tends to be softer under foot. This benefit, along with wood’s natural warmth and insulation benefits, will ensure you’ll have a fabulous flooring system at home.

Wood is Easy to Maintain

Cleaning wood is a breeze. Timber floors resist stains, smells, and allergens that could otherwise cause serious issues with some people in your home. Carpets can become breeding grounds for dust, mites, mildew, and mold, affecting people who have respiratory distress or allergies. Also, wood flooring lasts for many years and can be sanded and re-sealed easily to come up with a fresh-looking look. Other kinds of flooring can appear worn out after years of wear and tear. However, timber floors retain their value and characters for many decades.

Wood is Easy to Install

Brand new timber floor can be laid directly over existing wood or concrete. It does not involve time-consuming installation. As long as you entrust the job to wood and timber flooring specialists, you can be sure the installation is done right.

Timber is Cost-Efficient

When compared with the durability of other kinds of less expensive flooring materials, timber flooring is more cost-efficient. While the initial investment can be higher, the majority of timber floors will last a lifetime, depending on how they are maintained.

Timber is Environment-Friendly

With the introduction of newer timber harvesting methods and the enforcement of rules and regulations as well as controlled foresting practices, timber flooring has minimal effect on the environment, making them an eco-friendly option.