Things You Need To Do To Find Your Dream Home Design In Sydney

Choosing your home design is one of the best parts of creating your dream house in Sydney. Usually, your home designer does this job for you, but you need to actively participate in the process, so your home design suits you well. After all, your home design is going to play a huge role in the type of lifestyle you lead. You want to build something that accommodates your needs and also has that “wow” factor.

So how exactly do you figure out what home design is the best for you? 

  • First, figure out what you like or dislike about your current residential area, and most importantly, what could be done better? What would you want to be different?
  • Do you want something more spacious? Do you want a certain number of floors or rooms? Do you want a dedicated work area or gallery?

Have these factors in mind when you speak to your designers. Communicating the type of aesthetic or home design you want can be a bit difficult, so take your time!

  • Next, you want quality, but you also want it at a reasonable price. It helps to have a budget in mind. Building a home is a huge investment, so you will likely have to save up before you can start regardless. Discuss the budgeting and requirements of your home design with your designers to see what’s best for you.

Now, let’s briefly touch over the most commonly found home designs Sydney to help you decide which one would be the best for you.

Common Home Designs in Sydney

There are a few basic house designs Sydney you will find based on structure, the number of stories, and layout. 

Single Story

A single-story would have only one ground story or level and a roof with maintenance and repair work access. It all comes down to personal taste, but a single-story house is better suited for families with elderly members who can’t use stairs.

Some families with kids also prefer not to have stairs as a part of their home designs. These houses are also much easier to renovate and rebuild over time. Also, think of heating, plumbing, and maintenance costs.

Double Story

The biggest plus point for double-story home designs is space. If you have a relatively smaller area and want more space in your lifestyle, you should consider having a double-story house. Not to mention, a higher level will give you a view that single-story houses can’t. Since you are building on a much smaller footprint, you will also save on building costs per square foot.


A duplex home design also constitutes two floors; essentially, it unifies two housing units into one. You can reside in one unit and rent out the other one (making it a great investment for landlords), or you can share it with your extended family. Duplexes are also more affordable and cost-effective if you are renting out one unit.

Split level

A split level home design usually has multiple floor levels connected through a flight of stairs. It is perfect if you want to have one floor reserved for office space, gym or general hobbies. You can also rent out one floor to tenants, so there is a chance you can have a bit of cash inflow.

Granny flat

Finally, you have your granny flats. As the name suggests, this home design is for families who wish to accommodate ageing parents or family members. You can add this living structure to your existing home design for extra space, maybe convert it into a garage or use it for storage.

Homeowners also have the option of renting out the extra space if they like. 

Once you have got a home design in mind, you move on to the next step, choosing one of the NSW Home builders. You need to make sure you hire the right builder who can make your dream house a reality. Consider visiting display homes to get a feel for the quality of construction, finishes and features and of course, have a one-on-one with the NSW Home builders yourself.