Top Signs of Pest Infestations to Watch Out for When Renting a House 

One of the common dreams of possibly every individual is to own a spectacular and sizable house. However, many people refrain from making a one-time huge investment (which they need to do to buy a dream home) as they do not want to experience any financial crisis in the future.

So, most people rent a decent-sized residential property to live the way they have always wanted, even if they can’t regard it as their permanent home. However, when renting a residence, looking for pest infestation signs is crucial. After entering a rented house, most people avail professional local ant control services to get rid of dangerous ants and other minuscule pests.

You won’t be able to lead a happy, peaceful and comfortable life if you rent a home that’s infested with a wide variety of disease-transmitting pests. Besides putting the entire family’s health at risk, household pests wreak havoc beyond imagination. You could face thousands of dollars worth of damage because of pests like ants, termites, bedbugs, rodents, etc.

Here are some pest infestation signs you need to look for while you rent a home.

Pests’ Hiding and Dwelling Spots

While researching residential properties on rent, ensure you also acquire comprehensive knowledge about the correct procedures to identify pests. You should also learn the way to find their hiding and dwelling places in a house.

If you know how to detect the presence of a pest infestation in a rented apartment, you will be able to choose the right one where you might not have to deal with such an issue. Take a tour of every room of a house that you intend to rent and look for pests in crannies and corners.

Presence of Dead Bugs

Dead bugs can be everywhere in a house where no one has been residing for a few months. So, before you rent a house, make sure that you check basements and window ledges for dead bugs. You will become informed about the presence of dead bugs in large numbers if you find colonies of perished dead bugs in several places in the rented house.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Pest Droppings

If you come across while taking a tour of the rented apartment that several types of pests (spiders, etc.) are hanging from the ceiling and attic, know that it is infested with pests. You should be vigilant about insect and rodent droppings. Make sure that you check the bathroom and kitchen, as these places are ideal for pests to hang out and hide.

Look for Holes in or around the Rented House

You will know whether there is a pest infestation in the house you intend to rent if you discover a considerable number of small holes indoors and outdoors. Watch out for the presence of burrows in areas that are weedy and consist of waste materials. You will know that there are lots of mice in the house if you find shredded paper and chewed-up electrical cables.

Apart from the signs mentioned above, you should also look for dark grease marks, small piles of wood dust accumulation, odd smells, and a few other things when renting a home. Choosing a rented home that’s pests infestation-free will be a lot easier for you if you know the typical signs in advance.