Traditional Bathroom Ideas

A traditional bathroom is a truly beautiful thing to behold. There is a reason why Victorian-era bathroom styles have been popular for many decades, in fact they may never have gone out of style since the period itself, in that it offers luxury, elegance, comfort and practicality in one simple design. If you are considering revamping your existing bathroom, or adding a touch of luxury to the bathroom, looking for suppliers of Victoria-era bathroom furniture, fittings and accessories is a fantastic place to start. Whenever choosing to upgrade your property, it is best practice to speak to experts in the field, those that can guide you in the right direction to create that timeless bathroom centrepiece you’ve been looking for.

There are many different options open to you, even within the framework of a traditional bathroom style. Remember, that there is not one perfect bathroom blueprint that you can copy to make the perfect bathroom for your home, despite what it may look like on some Instagram and Pinterest pages. Creating a traditional bathroom takes time, and it should take on your own personality. If you want to build a bathroom that is warm, welcoming, and comfortable and allows you to sit and relax for hours on end with a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other as soak up the suds in the bathtub, then the design of your bathroom should reflect this.

The majority of 4-piece suites will include a classic close-coupled toilet, but there are options for other types of toilet, and you can finish the look with a wooden toilet seat. For washbasins, think of a pedestal basin as a primary option in a traditional bathroom setting, complementing your choice of toilet ideally. Wall hung basins are a great choice for tightly compacted bathroom areas with little room for manoeuvre.

For many people the ideal traditional bathtub is a freestanding bath. With the addition of classical brass (or gold) fittings, this could be the grand centrepiece you’ve been searching for to fit in with the rest of your traditional bathroom. Always be aware that it will take up plenty of room, but with the right choice of sink, toilet and radiator, a freestanding bath can be an option in even the smallest of traditional bathrooms if you are clever about its position.

Always remember to look for expert suppliers of traditional bathroom materials in order to gain access to the best quality available to you. Choosing to design a bathroom in a Victorian style, for instance, takes time, patience, and the correct materials, so having a team of expert suppliers behind you will help you to achieve your bathroom dreams. Always insist on the highest quality, add natural, white tones of decoration with a flourish of finishing touches in accessories and bathroom fixtures, and think about how relaxed you’ll be when sitting in your freestanding Victorian bath. It truly is a glorious and luxurious way to spend bath time.