What Happens to Your House Without Waterproofing

Owning a house is everybody’s dream. But most of the people often face a common problem- water seepage caused by bad waterproofing. Waterproofing is a process of keeping the moist and water out. The whole structure is damaged and affected by not applying waterproofing solutions.

Water is the creator as well as the destroyer of a construction. The building is damaged and the stability of the structure is affected by water ingress. Everybody is worried about the wanted moisture that can cause dampness and leakage on the walls. The whole idea of waterproofing derives from the fact of keeping water and humidity away that can affect negatively on construction materials. It might result in health problems, corrosion, and other deteriorations of the building.

We pay our whole attention to the architecture, colour scheme, doors and window material. But we tend to forget about the importance of waterproofing solutions during the process of construction. Soon the water starts to seep through the walls and roof. We think it would be an expensive venture and don’t go for waterproofing. Sometimes we even apply weather protective coat on exterior and think it would be enough to protect your home.

After a short run the damages are seen on the interior and the walls get puffed up. The water starts to leak and different parts of the house become damp. Waterproofing solution is the only precaution we can take to save our homes from this grave problem. Using only the best construction material cannot save you from the harm in the long run. Bad waterproofing or not availing any waterproofing solutions at all can really drive you towards a huge amount of loss. Repairing a damaged building can be an expensive affair.

During construction, it is very important to use good waterproofing by skilled and knowledgeable person. High quality of waterproofing liquid is mixed with sand and cement and applied while doing the foundation, brickwork and cement work. It makes a strong impenetrable bonding and keeps the water from seeping through. Waterproofing solutions prevents water from entering the house and the designer should make outlets and drainage so that if water gets inside, it does not remain for long.

There are different types of waterproofing. You can waterproof your roof, bathroom, external walls, water tank, kitchen, basement, terrace garden and swimming pool.