What skills do a corporate interior designer need to master?

 When it comes to interior design, there are two different specialization. First there is the residential and home interior design, and second there is the corporate interior design. Many might argue that the general skillset remains consistent, however, the way knowledge is applied would vary. For instance, a residential interior designer would have to deal with individuals or families and the interior designer would need to cater to their needs and wants. While a corporate interior designer would have to deal with the company’s management staffs and the design inspirations would have to be consistent to the company and brand image rather than the preferences of the individuals. In this article, we will discuss the skills that a corporate office interior design professional needs to hone.

Space Planning

For a corporate interior designer, there are a wide range of customers that you might need to deal with as corporate spaces include: offices, hospitals, industrial spaces, government buildings, manufacturing buildings, etc.

The first skill that is universal would be space planning. An interior designer would need to not only know how to design the interior of a space, but he or she would also need to know how to utilize and maximize the space given. Space planning ensures that every space is used effectively.

Flair For Design

In order to be a good interior designer, you would need to have a flair for designs. With a vast variety of choices to choose from, one would need to know how to compliment the furniture and put everything together so that it becomes one consistent tapestry. An interior designer would have to deal with furniture, colours, materials and fabrics.

Interpersonal Skills

The next important skill that an interior designer needs to hone is interpersonal skills. Not only will you need to know how to execute, but you would first need to be able to liaise with your customers and understand their needs and wants. Some customers would not be able to communicate their wants and needs effectively, thus it is your job to find that out and cater to those requests. An additional plus point would be to be able to guide the customer throughout the whole process and provide helpful second opinions.

Strong Marketing Skills

Lastly, with many interior designers out there in the market, a successful interior designer has to learn how to market his or her own skills to potential clients. This is crucial especially if you are just starting out and do not have an extensive portfolio.