6 Ways To Investigate A Property Before You Make An Offer

Making an offer on a property is a significant step, regardless of whether it is your first home or your next investment. It only takes a small oversight for the value of a living space and the comfort of a residence to be dramatically changed. As such, it is important that those considering the purchase investigate the home to the best of their ability.

While there are a number of unique considerations for various properties depending on their location and design, there are important factors that should be scrutinised in every home. So, with the interest of helping your next offer to be an accurate one and to prevent first-time buyers from experiencing a greater deal of stress, we’re sharing six important considerations to make when visiting a home before you make an offer.

Energy Rating

EPC ratings are important for several reasons, and different results can speak of future energy costs and a home’s design quality. If a property fails to meet certain criteria for a respectable energy rating, it could well mean that there are issues with the build, such as poor insulation or an old heating system, both of which are likely to incur significant energy costs down the road.

Moisture Damage

Those selling a home are likely to do everything they can to mask any moisture damage within a property, not wanting signs of mould to put buyers off. As such, buyers must go to great efforts to ensure that the home they are buying will not quickly decay. To do this, moisture detectors can be rented and used when visiting a home, highlighting particularly damp rooms.

Garden Quality

Gardens are high up on the list of desirable assets for a property, especially those with bespoke features such as garden ponds and log cabins. However, if they are not properly considered, they can lead to severe problems. Certain weeds, for example, can take over a garden causing not only the decimation of other plants but also compromising the structural integrity of a property. Rainfall can also be a problem if gardens are not designed to drain properly.

Neighbourhood Activity

While property visits are generally brief, it is worthwhile for potential buyers to scout out the neighbourhood and visit the home as often as possible. By doing so, they can learn about the activity of neighbours, nearby businesses, and even traffic trends.

Material Integrity

Having professionals investigate a home is crucial, especially those that are able to distinguish that structural materials are of a certain quality. Both new and old builds alike can have a significant number of problems if they are made from lower quality materials, offering poor insulation and durability.

Internet Potential

With a greater number of residents working from home, a reliable internet connection is important. Many homes, however, are yet to offer full broadband capabilities, leaving buyers in the lurch when it comes to logging on. Be sure to investigate the property’s internet connectivity potential before you end up struggling to get online.