Tips To Help You Find Modern Rugs For Your Home Décor!

There are all sorts of reasons why homeowners are utilizing modern rugs within their décor schemes, and modern area rugs have been growing in popularity throughout recent years.

But finding a top-quality modern rug that matches your home’s aesthetics can sometimes be pretty tough, particularly when you’re shopping online. The industry specialists at Rug Source offer one of the biggest selections of modern rugs on the internet, and their team has provided this list of tips oriented around finding modern rugs for your home.

So take it from the pros in that the following tips will guide you toward great modern rugs!

Keep Rug Quality As Your Top Priority 

Sometimes you should put color and design themes aside for a moment when you’re first narrowing down your top modern rug options, because your top priority should always be the area rug’s overall quality. Top-quality modern rugs are typically comprised of natural fibers, including materials like silk and wool. All of the best modern rugs are also handmade with age-old weaving techniques.

Hand-knotted rugs should be on the top of your list for a whole variety of reasons, and narrowing down your best designs and color schemes should come after finding a good selection of traditionally manufactured options.

Don’t Neglect Older, Antique-Like Designs 

There are many different modern rug styles out there to choose from, so you don’t necessarily have to purchase an area rug that was made within the last few years. There are all sorts of great, mid-century modern styles that offer more antique-like designs, and these designs are still considered to be modern rugs.

The simplistic, graphic designs within this industry niche often go well with modern home décor, so keep an eye out for the minimalist modern rugs that also offer very vibrant colors!

Consider Investing In A Transition Area Rug 

One reason why classic rug styles have stood the test of time is because they have always been able to blend well within any residential space. Transition rugs technically are like hybrids between classic Oriental rugs and contemporary rug styles, so this niche is kind of like getting the best of both worlds.

Your new modern rug doesn’t have to precisely match your home’s modern aesthetics to a tee, and investing in a transition rug can complement your home’s ambience while combining eclectic influences from both sides of the rug industry’s spectrum!

Stick With Modern Rug Design Basics 

There are design rules that apply to every rug purchase, regardless of what your room’s aesthetic motifs may be.

You’ll first want to arrange your room’s entire floorplan around your new area rug, and this can of course be done in many different ways. But the way you arrange your furniture around your modern rug will largely depend upon the size of your room and the size of your new area rug.

You’ll then want to consider the amount of foot traffic that your new rug may experience, because this can help you determine the right colors and fibers you should be on the lookout for while shopping online. It’s also best to coordinate your new rug’s colors with the colors of your existing furniture. With modern living room aesthetics, area rugs are often either neutral backdrops or grandiose centerpieces.

And lastly, you’ll have to get a rug pad for your new modern rug to protect it from inadvertent wear and tear.

More Tips For Modern Rug Colors 

It’s understandable if you’re largely concerned with your new rug’s colors, because color is often why people gravitate toward modern rugs in the first place. Be sure you’re using the 60-30-10 rule when it comes to choosing your new rug’s colors, which means 60% of your room should be comprised of a dominant color, 30% a secondary color, and 10% accent colors.

You should also avoid choosing a modern rug that features more than four colors, because this can potentially make your rug less easy on the eye for you and your guests.

And just remember that your new modern rugs will likely be one of the largest design elements within your room, so be sure you’re carefully crafting your room’s palette with a beautiful combination of blending colors.

Contact The Experts At Rug Source To Learn More Tips For Finding Modern Rugs! 

There are countless, gorgeous modern rugs online just waiting for you to find them, and the above tips will help guide you once you think you’ve found a few options that could work well within your home’s décor.

The best thing you can do for your rug shopping experience is work directly with experienced industry specialists, and the Rug Source team just so happens to have one of the best customer support ratings out of any online rug marketplace.

You can speak directly with the Rug Source experts by going through the link at the top of this page to their modern rugs page!