6 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Garden

Wish your garden was bigger? You certainly aren’t the only one. However, you can maximize the space available in a small garden and make the most of what you already have. If you think your garden isn’t big enough, try these quick and easy tricks to make it look and feel larger.

  1. Hang a big mirror

Mirrors work well inside homes to make rooms seem bigger, so why not use them in the garden? A mirror hung on one side of the garden will make the space feel more open and gives the space a contemporary look.

  1. Create zones

When you have a small garden, layout is key, so have zones for different activities such as:

  • Dining
  • Playtime
  • Relaxing
  • Pets

Creating zones, no matter how small, will give the impression that your garden is larger than it actually is. With a few pieces of furniture, you can completely change the look of your outdoor space.

  1. Clear up your garden junk

From toys to gardening equipment, it’s easy for a small garden to look cluttered. Have a clear up and decide what’s absolutely necessary to keep. Then, consider building extra storage such as a shed, so you can put everything neatly away in its place

  1. Cut trees back

Large trees can mean less sunlight in your garden and they can make your outdoor space look much smaller. Use a company such as Arborcomm to carefully cut back trees that are out of control, so your garden can feel larger and you can enjoy the natural sunlight.

  1. Choose smaller furniture

Furniture that’s too large for your garden will make your space look even smaller. If you have large loungers or a big dining set, consider whether you need it. Consider switching to smaller, sleeker designs that work with the space rather than just taking it up.

  1. Plant vertically

Instead of using traditional flowerbeds that take up a lot of space, look at vertical racks that can be fitted to your garden fences and walls. You can then plant anything you like, from herbs to flowers, without taking up precious ground space in your small garden.

A small garden can be a turn-off for homebuyers, but there’s a lot you can do even with a tiny outdoor space. It’s worth considering hiring a landscape gardener, so they can design the right layout and work with what you have.