How you can Repaint a Wood Door Or Window Frame

Wooden frames present an unparalleled architectural element to the residence. There is an excellent push recently to upgrade old home windows and doors with increased energy-efficient models, particularly with low-cost vinyl home windows, but in most cases – and particularly in historic structures – replacing isn’t an option.

Wood must be repainted regularly to ensure that they’re searching good, also to safeguard your window trim and door jambs from rotting with time. If you notice uncovered wood in your building’s home windows and doors, know they’re dying a sluggish dying towards the elements.

How you can Paint Wood Frames

Inspect. Prior to starting any repair job, first inspect the frames for excessive rot or water damage and mold. If damage went too much, no quantity of paint will keep water from causing further damage, and it is most likely best to inside a professional to deal with what causes water rot.

Clean. Remove all old, flaking paint (or stain) from window trim and door jambs having a chemical paint stripper, sander, scraper, or wire-bristled brush. Wipe lower having a wet cloth to collect fine dust from sanding.

Fill. Using wood putty, fix minor abrasions, nail holes, and pits within the wood. Sand with smooth sandpaper and wipe having a moist cloth.

Prime. Good primer helps seal the wood and offers a good bond using the paint.

Paint. When you remove that old finish, you have to repaint rapidly as untreated wood could be broken through the sun, rain or humidity. Avoid dark colors, because they cause excess cooling and heating. Paint all surfaces, but avoid slopping paint to the window or door hardware. Use care to not let paint bind a window shut. Use oil- or water-based paints created for outside use. Two jackets on exterior door and window frames ensures sufficient coverage and longer existence.

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