Quick Guide for Using Bronze and Blush Pink for Home Décor

Pink isn’t exactly the classic color one associates with interiors. After all, how would it look to invest in items that are barbie pink in color? Tables have turned however, with blush and bronze pink décor emerging as the biggest trend of 2018, and experts believe that the trend will continue in 2019. Adding a dash of blush pink doesn’t have to be complicated, and we bring a quick set of tips for your help.

Furniture for that bold statement

What can be more endearing than a blush pink sofa right in the center of the living room that otherwise has earthy and wooden tones? Furniture allows you to talk about a statement without going into more details. You can actually do a lot with small items, like a nice pouffe or a chest of small drawers.

Go for accessories

Not everyone has the budget to change furniture and small items, but that doesn’t mean you cannot try the trend. Blush pink accessories are pretty much in trending, and you can think of anything from small décor boxes, ceramic vases, candles and flowers to artifacts, paintings and more. Candelabras with bronze look and pink candles is a good addition for any corner.

Get some of those throws

What’s a cozy home without a few rugs and throws. Throws don’t have to be expensive, and you can do a lot in terms of colors and themes. If used in the right way, such throws can change and transform a regular room without anything more. Also, the texture adds an extra element of style into the décor. You can check online to find more on how to style home with wool throws.

Add some more cushions

Cushions are probably the cheapest and most effective way to add color, texture and style in any room. You don’t need a fortune to invest in blush pink cushions, which can be combined with existing ones, or can work as a unique theme in its own way. If you want to get some variety, mix some of the accenting cushions to get a mix of colors. Blush pink works well with white and shades of grey.

Include some wall art

Do not ignore the power of wall art in creating ambience for a room. Think of blush pink toned paintings that have been nicely framed in bronze or copper flames. If you want to play it safe, you can use such paintings to create a feature wall, without altering rest of the interiors.

Try it with curtains

Just like cushions and throws, curtains can transform a home in no time. Blush pink curtains can be added to most rooms, especially the ones that have a more neutral theme or a white backdrop. Blush pink, being a light color, allows enough natural light in the room and creates that breezy effect.

Finally, don’t shy away from taking the dare of painting the wall in blush pink. That’s also a good idea when you want to experiment with a theme but don’t want to change rest of the things like furniture and artifacts.