Thorough professional asbestos removalist in Melbourne          

Asbestos has been used as an additive to various products that are used in building construction materials, consumer durables as well as in automotive parts.

 By virtue of its effectiveness, durability, water and fire resistance qualities as well as thermal insulation abilities; asbestos has been frequently incorporated as a building material for industries and various other public and private residential or commercial buildings.

Being an additive, often asbestos was mixed into compounds for plastering walls and ceilings as well as for applying its coating on metals to make it fireproof.

Considering its various advantages, asbestos has been widely used in building constructions from 1930s to 1980s, and thereafter its use was limited but from 2003, asbestos has been banned in Australia due to its carcinogenic properties.

Why is asbestos considered hazardous?

Asbestos is considered dangerous as tends to break down into tiny thin fibers which can remain airborne for a long time and being microscopic, asbestos fibers are not visible to the naked human eye.

Through damaged asbestos, its airborne fibers can be inhaled inadvertently by people that may get lodged into the lung tissues and may lead to serious diseases like lung cancer, asbestosis – the scarring of the lung tissue and mesothelioma – the cancer of the lining of the lung cavity.

It is therefore imperative for people living or working in buildings or industries having asbestos involvement to exercise caution and remove damaged asbestos so as to prevent asbestos exposure.

Who can help remove asbestos?

Asbestos has been recognized as a dangerous and hazardous substance and can be highly injurious to human health. Accordingly, need to remove in a systematic manner with the help of licensed asbestos removalist Melbourne.

Asbestos, being a hazardous waste material, need to be disposed of as per the official guidelines at a designated and licensed site.

Asbestos removal work

Asbestos removal is a highly specialized job and must be entrusted to experienced asbestos removalist Melbourne like Xpress Asbestos Solutions who have skilled technicians to help remove damaged asbestos or asbestos-containing materials from its installation site, with utmost care and safety.

When you hire a professional asbestos removalist Melbourne, you will get services for the removal of corrugated asbestos roof sheets, ceiling boards, asbestos tiles, asbestos insulation, water or other pipelines as well as asbestos gaskets etc.

Xpress Asbestos Solutions, offer you professional asbestos removal services for your residence as well as commercial and industrial setups.

Specialist asbestos removalists will always strive to provide you thoroughly professional and skilled asbestos removal services that include well-organized, systematic and safe:

  • Asbestos Collection
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Asbestos Removal and Disposal

Advantages of engaging a skilled asbestos removalist

When you engage a professionally qualified, skilled, and licensed asbestos removalist Melbourne; you remain stress-free as your asbestos removalist is bound to remove asbestos in a safe manner complying with Australian legislation and adhering to all the official rules and regulations.

They will meticulously collect all the asbestos after careful asbestos testing using the most modern equipment. The asbestos to be removed is appropriately transported through special asbestos collection vans and the hazardous asbestos material is disposed of at licensed sites.

When you need to get asbestos removed from your homes, commercial or industrial establishments, trust the experience of Express Asbestos Solutions – the leading asbestos removalist Melbourne.