Tree Cutting DIY Guide

Tree cutting is one thing which should generally remain towards the professionals to deal with. That being stated when the tree you need to cut lower is comparatively small , short it’s something you will be able to handle knowing how. However, make sure to remain safe whatsoever occasions by putting on head gear, goggles and mitts.

The various tools

Before you start cutting a tree make certain you have the next tools:

• Kevlar leg coverings, steel foot boots, a tough hat, goggles and high duty mitts

• A clear, crisp chainsaw having a full tank of gas

• Rope

• Ladder

• Wedges

• Ax

Check out the tree and answer the next questions:

• What direction will the tree lean in?

• What are the damaged or dead branches?

• May be the area where the tree is anticipated to fall safe?

• Are branches from nearby trees in the manner?

After you have clarified the above mentioned questions now you can stick to the below tree cutting steps:

Step no. 1: Tap the tree together with your ax whether it sounds hollow the tree might be dying or dead. Whether it sounds solid then it’s live and thus harder to consider lower. Tap different points around the tree to locate a place that is simpler to chop.

Step no.2: What direction will the tree lean in? Ideally, you will need the tree to fall within the direction it leans naturally. Look for a place around the tree that is level just in order that it doesn’t bounce, roll or move unpredictably causing injuries.

Step no.3: By causing a horizontal cut which needs to be above your hip but extend around 1 / 3 the thickness from the tree. The tree will fall exactly verticle with respect towards the cut you are making here.

Step no.4: Now you are likely to give a wedge cut. This may be like a little slice of orange. This is either on top or the foot of the very first horizontal cut you’ve made. Place a stick on the other hand from the cut to make certain it’s a straight wedge.

Step no. 5: This exact cut determines just how thick the holding wood is and can figure out how the tree falls. This ought to be a thick cut and around 1.5 inches on the top from the horizontal cut. While you start cutting introduce a wedge to avoid the tree from angling around the chainsaw.

Step no. 6: Since the cut is finished you’ll have a level holding wood or else you will begin to see the tree start to fall. You might want to introduce more wedges.

Step no. 7: Once the tree is going to fall make certain to leave by your escape route. Make certain to retain attention from the falling tree since it can help you avoid other unpredicted damages from falling debris.

Tree cutting is one thing that needs experience and you ought to know precisely your work. There’s a great deal that may fail, as well as the apparatus you will need to purchase that is clearly costly. For this reason hiring several professionals is suggested.

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