5 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid This 2022

When designing the kitchen, homeowners must remember that the layout is essential to the entire process. The best kitchen design layout allows an individual to work efficiently. People should prioritize to recognize the things to do. However, knowing some homeowners’ most common mistakes is also significant. Cabinet refacing Seal Beach reminds clients that avoiding them when designing the cooking area is necessary.

  1. Error in Area Planning

A well-planned floor plan enables family members to move quickly between room areas. Some people prefer to work in the same kitchen as others, and this type of kitchen design provides adequate space for several people to work together. This layout also allows the homeowners to keep the room organized and clean.

Property owners should involve themselves in the remodeling project. Additionally, suggesting something out just because they thought it would be good would not be helpful. Everyone should give proper thought to what they propose to prevent regret and inaccuracies.

  1. Neglecting the Work Triangle

The work triangle is the focal point of most cooking areas, consisting of the refrigerator, the oven/range, and the sink. Keeping the distance between these three points as short as possible is essential since the long distances lead to frustration and exhaustion. Therefore, planning the kitchen layout around these three critical areas is vital to lessen the hassle.

  1. Packed Space

Decluttering and organizing the cooking area can help improve its functionality. A homeowner needs to take inventory of all the kitchen equipment and determine what they use frequently. If they rarely use them, donate them. They can also organize their drawers according to type, if possible.

Learn more about the five common mistakes that property owners make in kitchen designing in the infographic below created and designed by the well-known cabinet refacing Villa Park firm Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: