Areas of Your Vehicle That Could Be Improved

You put a lot of trust in your vehicle to keep you safe and get you where you are going every day. If you knew that there were functions of your car that could be made better, wouldn’t you do something about it?

Suspension System

If you want to improve your suspension, there is a technology that is moving from the world of trucking into the world of commercial vehicles. Rather than the shock absorbers and coil springs that are typical in stock cars and trucks, air suspension is more precise and controlled, giving you a smoother ride. Products such as the firestone air mount use electronic controls and sensors to inflate and deflate a tough rubber and plastic bag, acting as a coil. With this technology, you won’t encounter problems or jostling while turning corners, adding weight or slowing down quickly.

Sound System

Shockingly enough, most stock vehicle speakers are literally made of paper. Luckily, this is an inexpensive and easy fix. Even $30 replacements will be an improvement on what was there. If your car didn’t already have blue-tooth or auxiliary capabilities, it is also a breeze to switch out your radio-dash front. If your car is noisy, you can also add sound deadening pads to your doors to create a quieter environment for your favorite songs.


You spend a lot of your time on the inside of your car, why not make it awesome? Chances are, you aren’t entirely happy with your seat upholstery. Even if you are, but they have become worn and stained with time, you can put in seat covers in any material, design or color that you like. The same goes for your steering wheel cover. If you really want to stand out, interior LED lighting kits are easy to install and can give your ride a high-end look.

Front End Lights

Depending on how you use your car, your headlights might not quite cut it. You can supplement them with additional mounted lights, either on your roof, bumper or grille. A lot of options are also LED, which will last you a lot longer than a bulb. If you are looking to start off-roading or rock crawling on rough terrain, bumper or grille lights are for you. Roof-mounted headlights are best for higher speeds and illuminate a further distance.

Take your fate into your own hands and make your vehicle work for you. Most of the above-mentioned options are very doable for the average car owner to try at home. Give it a whirl!