Essential Equipment for a Tree Surgeon

Tree care is a specialist field and a person who studied for a few years, combined with some hands-on work experience, would qualify as an arborist, a person who cares for trees. Like any specialist trade, there are specific tools and equipment needed in order to carry out their work, and here is a list of essentials that every arborist would have.

  • Chain Saws – Of course, a tree surgeon would have quite a collection of chain saws, ranging from small units that can be used while in a tree, to the 1m bar that is used to fell large trees, and everything in between.
  • Ladders – Typically, the tree surgeon would have at least one triple extension aluminium ladder, which enables the expert to reach the climbable section of a tree.
  • Ropes, Pulleys & Safety Harness – When the tree surgeon has to work at height, he or she would use ropes and pulleys to protect them in the event of a slip. The harness would have many clips for specific tools the tree care expert might need, and sometimes the tree surgeon would work while pushing their feet against the trunk, suspended from the harness. If you’re looking for a reputable company to take care of your trees, look no further than Arborcomm, a local Perth-based company that offers a wide range of tree related services.
  • Safety Equipment – The tree surgeon would require a hard hat (with visor), ear defenders, good boots and a pair of gloves. Most wear a pair of overalls when working, which offers a level of protection.
  • Hand Tools – The arborist would have a few pole saws (a saw blade on the end of a long pole), a few axes, a sledgehammer and various metal files for sharpening the chainsaws. Steel wedges are often used when felling a tree – they are placed behind the cut and then hammered in using a sledgehammer, which causes the tree to tilt in the desired direction. In the tree surgeon’s tool bag, you would find a few pairs of secateurs or cutters, for hand-pruning, while metal spikes are also used to aid climbing in some cases.
  • Stump Grinder – This is a costly machine that literally grinds down tree stumps, leaving a pile of sawdust, while the stump is ground down to nothing. Tree stumps can be very annoying, as you cannot utilise the ground, yet a stump grinder can very quickly remove even the largest of stumps.

A tree surgeon does require specialised tools and equipment when working, and without these special tools, he would not be able to do his job properly.