Giving Your Outdoor Bird Aviary A Spring Clean

Many people enjoy keeping birds in their homes and decide to have an aviary built to keep them, and these can be both indoors and outdoors, depending on the birds you have. You will need to regularly maintain the aviary to keep it clean and ensure your birds are happy, and once a year, it is an excellent idea to give it a spring clean. Below are some things you will want to do when giving your aviary a spring clean to help ensure your birds have the perfect aviary to live in to help keep them happy and healthy.

Check The Integrity Of The Aviary

Before you start cleaning your aviary, you will want to check the integrity of the structure of your aviary. You will need to ensure there are no broken aviary panels, and if there are, they will need to be replaced. Ensure that there are no leaks in the roof, and if needed, add another waterproof layer to the roof. Once you are happy with your aviary’s integrity and have fixed anything that needs fixing, you can start your spring cleaning of the aviary.

Look At The Perches

You will need to look at the perches in your aviary and judge whether these are okay to keep or if they need replacing. If the perches are okay, you will want to give them a thorough cleaning and remove all the dirt and grime that collects on them. Cleaning them can help remove parasites that can be harmful to your birds, and as such, you may want to replace the perches anyway to keep the birds healthy.

Clean The Floor Of The Aviary

You will also need to clean the floor of your aviary to get rid of all the bird droppings, nesting material, and food that drops on it. As the UK climate is moist, when it starts to get warmer, it is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and parasites, and you can also get fungus growing on it. Remove all the flooring material from the aviary and replace this to help keep it clean.

Remove Insects That Are Pests

Although insects are part of the natural environment, they can be a pain in your aviary. Insects such as ants can cause various issues, and you can use insecticides that are safe for the environment and your birds to help control the pests.

Clean The Nests

If you do not remove the nests from the aviary to discourage winter breeding, you will also need to give them a thorough cleaning. Remove any debris and droppings from the nest, and also treat these with a suitable insecticide to keep the birds safe. You can also remove the nest entirely, so the bords will need to build new ones, and if you do this, you will need to ensure you provide new material for them to make a nest in the aviary.

These are some of the basics you need to cover, and you can click here to watch a video and find out more information about giving your aviary a spring clean.