How to Organize a Neglected Home

It does not feel right to blame a homeowner for the neglect of their humble abode, as it is often the fault of their lifestyle. For example, it can be challenging to keep a house thoroughly clean when you already have so much work to deal with. Unfortunately, no-one wants a messy home – even hoarders have a challenging time dealing with a messy house. It can be even more challenging to figure out how to get things clean, as the clutter has likely reached a ridiculous level.

That said, it is crucial not to let yourself feel overwhelmed by what you have to do. Dealing with a neglected home is similar to dealing with just about any type of house. It is all about taking things one step at a time. Here are a few ways to help you organize a neglected home.

It all starts with the clutter

Before you begin with anything else, a neglected home’s issue often stems from the amount of clutter that has collected around the home. It might even surprise you that your house’s physical state is not as bad as it seemed when it still had all the clutter. In a lot of scenarios, dealing with the clutter often makes things much easier to manage.

  • Deal with what you can, but do not push yourself – A neglected home often has plenty of clutter to deal with, and if you tire yourself out trying to get things done, you will probably suffer in other aspects. Pace yourself when it comes to cleaning the mess and do what you can.
  • Give yourself a routine to follow – For those who happen to have a busy schedule, it would be a good idea to spend about an hour or so dealing with random clutter around the house before bed. It can help you unwind while providing a therapeutic stress reliever before sleeping.

Dealing with junk that might be too heavy

The problem with a neglected home is it likely has junk that might be too challenging to move on your own. While you can hire a professional cleaner to help you with specific aspects of the house, a rusted vehicle is not something a cleaner can help you with. Fortunately, you can call Evergreen Junk Removal to lend a hand when it comes to heavy rusted waste.

What to do with all the clutter

Perhaps one of the few silver linings that come with a neglected home is that when you are finished cleaning the clutter, you have plenty of unused belongings that can still turn a profit. You can try hosting a garage sale, or perhaps visit online stores if you have old electronics that still work!

Once you have dealt with the clutter, it is only a matter of cleaning the house as best as you can. Start with dusting all the way to mopping, and with enough effort, you will end up with an organized home once more!