Which roofing material is the most durable?

Often enough, people are mostly concerned with the durability of their roofing. A lot of owners prefer longevity and even give some wiggle room in terms of cost and aesthetics, just to have a roof that’s going to be intact and strong for a very long time. But what about the most durable roofing material? Which one is it? We’re here to give homeowners the answer and find out!

Meet the contenders

In general, you have more than a handful of options for roofing materials. Whilst there are some market-specific roofings out there, most options are available almost regardless of location. Okay, so these are the contenders

  • Asphalt roll
  • Composite
  • Wood shingles and shakes
  • Cement tiles
  • Clay tiles
  • Slate

Durability for <50 years

Asphalt roll is usually the roofing type which has the shortest lifespan of them all. But, on the plus side, it’s easy to install and, of course – very cheap. Usually, even in very temperate climates, asphalt rolls last up to 12 years.

Composite or more precisely – composite asphalt shingles are the most popular choice in many Western countries. This roofing is made from fiberglass or organic foundation with quartz, ceramic or slate granules. Decent prices and reasonable longevity make it a popular choice. In average conditions, such roofs last <40 years. In unpredictable climates, the estimate is less.

Wood shingles and wood shake are both made from the same material, so their underlying properties are alike. The most you can expect is 50 years, but in at least a somewhat unpredictable climate, shingles and shakes tend to go a bit quicker.

Top of the range – durability >50 years

We can’t talk about durable roofs and ignore the undisputed king in the category – tiles. Both clay and cement tiles are a more premium, pricier option. Their both traditional options that have been around for centuries, but with more modern designs and manufacturing technology advancements, new tiles can last even longer. In practice, almost regardless of the house’s location, tiled roofs last up to a century before needing repairs. That’s impressive, to say the least!

Slate, as well is worth a mention. Easily lasting over a century, this natural-rock-based roofing is considered luxurious and premium. High price, but high durability!

Worth of a separate mention – Corrugated roofing

Ruukki is probably one of the best-known manufacturers of construction, and more precisely, roofing materials. Corrugated roofing sheets are getting more and more popular in the EU, especially in the Northern countries and the likes of Ireland because of their reasonable cost, easy maintenance and solid longe.